Lamar Band Weekly Announcements 

Schedule – The band staff has conferenced all week on the plan for the rest of the season. Due to a variety of factors, we will not have another marching contest. We had looked into Nov. 11th at AT&T stadium but we will not be doing that contest. We will perform “The Box” this Friday at the Bowie game and then we will do a family & friends performance on Saturday morning at 11:00am. We want to get one last run for all parents to get to watch it from a good seat and not have to push the equipment on the field and watch from the sidelines. We want the students to get a good video of the show. We will call this the Hot chocolate social. Before the performance, we will get recordings of some of our stand tunes, fight song, national anthem, etc. for a CD that other groups at Lamar can use for their events. The plan will be to start at 9:30am with warm up and recording, and then perform the show at 11:00am. Bring out your friends and family!


Attendance – While rehearsals are shorter and less often, they are more critical than ever. We will start learning the new “spirit show” very soon. In the meantime, we must continue to work on the current show, “The Box”. Any student who misses a rehearsal will not be allowed to attend the game. Only medical emergencies will count as excused absences. This will affect the students grade in band class.


Eligibility – There are always questions about eligibility in regards to the no pass no play rule. If you have questions, let me know. On Monday the 28th, students who were ineligible because of the 1st six weeks report card could regain eligibility if passing ALL classes on the progress report. Students who are eligible are not affected by this progress report. The 2nd six weeks report cards will come out November 8th and any student with a failing grade will lose eligibility that day at 3:00pm. Students who are ineligible may not participate with the band. These students can not get into the games with us even to watch. Going forward, any ineligible students will not be allowed in the school before games and will not be allowed to go to the CiCi’s event hosted by the booster club.


Objectives – We are in the middle of our All-City music part of the band curriculum. The students have cuts of the music called blue, yellow, green, and pink. They should be recording these or playing for a director in class. Students should practice for at least 2 hours a week at home. These pass offs are being used for chair placement for the upcoming fall concert. We expect the majority of students to audition for the All-City band on Monday November 18th.


Car Wash –  On November 16th, we will have our fall car wash. All students will work at least one shift of the car wash. We will need many parents to help chaperone each car wash site. Students wash cars, parents supervise and collect donations.


Meals Before Football Games – Make sure you have used this link to order your Jason’s Deli meal for this Friday.


Tickets – Football Games


Band Fees – The activity fee is $300. Band activity fees can be paid online at


Drumline Update – Practice your all-state etudes.


Jazz Update – Practice your concert music.


Color Guard Update – Complete your bi-weekly evaluations.


Quote of the Week – “Dream big and dare to fail.” – Norman Vaughan


Events (the week ahead)

Monday, Oct 28 3:15pm No Practice – band room closed

Tuesday, Oct 29 3:30pm-4:30pm Marching Band Practice

Thursday, Oct 31 3:30pm-4:30pm Marching Band Practice

Friday, Nov 1 3:30pm-9:30pm Football @ Bowie (Wilemon Field)

Saturday, Nov 2 9:30am-11:15am Hot Chocolate Social and Recordings Session (Cravens)


Communication & Social Media

Email contacts – Alan Lang | Kolby Kelly | Zack Riley | Midori Eng

Band room phone lines: Alan Lang – (682) 867-7006

Facebook: Lamar Viking Band

Instagram: @Lamarband

Twitter: @VikingBand (general band) | @AlanLangLHS (Mr. Lang)

Blog –

Calendar –

For information or to contact the booster club, email

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