Lamar Band Weekly Announcements

BOA – On Saturday, The Pride of Lamar performed at our first Bands of America Regional in school history. Bands of America and Music for All have been at the forefront of marching band and music education at the national level for many years. The very best of the best compete at these competitions. The directors are very proud of the performance as it was the best of the season! The students were fantastic representatives of Lamar HS. Parents from both Keller and Martin HS’s told me that the Lamar kids were “so well behaved” and even a “we love you Lamar” from a Martin parent! The stadium was impressive and the performances we watched in finals were absolutely incredible.

Schedule – I know that last week was a very long week. We rarely have weeks that intense. My phone tells me I took 23,000 steps on Saturday! I think all of us are mentally and physically exhausted at this point. The staff decided that it would be wise to have study hall during class on Monday and to cancel practice for Monday afternoon. We all need time to rest and recover. No contest this Saturday. Just a home game on Friday.


LBBC – It is not possible for me to thank the booster club and parent volunteers enough for all of their help Saturday, and all of last week. So many people have helped in so many different ways. I also want to give a shout out to our trailer drivers. Gus and Theo have been our trailers drivers all year and last year. They are part of our family now. They do more than they are hired to do. Please thank them when you see them.


UIL – CONGRATULATIONS! The Pride of Lamar earned a division 1 rating at UIL Region Marching Evaluation last week. This is the 4th year in a row to earn division 1 at marching UIL. Congratulations seniors on being the first class in MANY years to get a 1 every year at marching contest! While I am proud of the rating from the judges, I’m more proud of the determination this group has had over the past few weeks. We have dealt with more ineligible students not being able to perform their spot than ever before. Pulling off a superior performance with that many holes in the show is incredible. We should all be very proud of our hard work and relentless work ethic.


Meals Before Football Games – Make sure you have used this link to order your Jason’s Deli meal for this Friday.


Tickets – Football Games


Band Fees – The activity fee is $300. Band activity fees can be paid online at


Drumline Update – Practice your all-state etudes.


Jazz Update – Practice your concert music.


Color Guard Update – Complete your bi-weekly evaluations.


Quote of the Week – “Your failure does not define you, your determination does.” – anonymous


Events (the week ahead)

Monday, Oct 21        3:15pm            No Practice – band room closed

Tuesday, Oct 22        3:15pm-6:15pm        Marching Band Practice

Thursday, Oct 24    3:15pm-6:15pm        Marching Band Practice

Friday, Oct 25        3:30pm-9:30pm        Football vs Sam Houston @ Cravens


Communication & Social Media

Email contacts – Alan Lang | Kolby Kelly | Zack Riley | Midori Eng

Band room phone lines: Alan Lang – (682) 867-7006

Facebook: Lamar Viking Band

Instagram: @Lamarband

Twitter: @VikingBand (general band) | @AlanLangLHS (Mr. Lang)

Blog –

Calendar –

For information or to contact the booster club, email

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